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UW-Oshkosh Women's Volleyball Region Accolades

NCAA Division III All-Region First Team (AVCA)
Name Position Year Region
Aleisha Bagin Outside Hitter 2010 Midwest
Katie Beining Right-side Hitter 2009 Midwest
Christina Cahoon Libero 2008 Midwest
  Libero 2009 Midwest
  Libero 2010 Midwest
Amy Cayemberg Middle Blocker 1990 Central
  Middle Blocker 1991 Central
Jane Copenhaver Middle Blocker 2000 Midwest
Amanda Delgadillo Left-Side Hitter 2003 Midwest
Jodi Downs Middle Blocker 1996 Midwest
Jamie Ford Setter 1991 Central
  Setter 1993 Central
Ashley Fischer Setter 2005 Midwest
Jessie Goffard Left-Side Hitter 2001 Midwest
Bridget Griepentrog Right-Side Hitter 1994 Midwest
Jean Harmsen Left-Side Hitter 1997 Midwest
Kristi Kujak Middle Blocker 2001 Midwest
Sara Lorens Right-Side Hitter 1995 Midwest
  Right-Side Hitter 1996 Midwest
Katelyn Malcheski Outside Hitter 2014 Midwest
  Outside Hitter 2015 Midwest
Kim Murrin Middle Blocker 1993 Central
Jacque Ray Middle Blocker 2009 Midwest
  Middle Blocker 2008 Midwest
Leah Rosenbaum Middle Blocker 2005 Midwest
  Middle Blocker 2006 Midwest
  Middle Blocker 2007 Midwest
Samantha Schmidt Libero 2007 Midwest
Christina Southward Setter 1999 Midwest
  Setter 2000 Midwest
  Setter 2001 Midwest
Mandy Trautmann Libero 2015 Midwest
Kim Vail Right-Side Hitter 2006 Midwest
  Right-Side Hitter 2007 Midwest
Katelyn Vara Setter 2009 Midwest
Mary Vanden Heuvel Right-Side Hitter/Setter 1984 Central
Emily Veit Setter 1990 Central
Nerissa Vogt Middle Blocker 2015 Midwest
Amy Ward Setter 1994 Midwest
  Setter 1995 Midwest
  Setter 1996 Midwest
NCAA Division III All-Region Freshman Of The Year (AVCA)
Name Position Year Region
Aleisha Bagin Left-Side Hitter 2009 Midwest
Samantha Jaeke Right-Side Hitter 2016 Midwest
Amber Petersen Middle Blocker 2001 Midwest
Samantha Schmidt Libero 2005 Midwest
Leah Stumpf Setter 2006 Midwest
NAIA All-District 14 First Team
Name Position Year  
Amy Cayemberg Middle Blocker 1989  
Candy Keyes Middle Blocker 1988  
Emily Veit Setter 1989  
Kelly Witte Left-Side Hitter 1989  
NCAA Division III Midwest Region Coach Of The Year (AVCA)
Name Year
Marty Petersen 1996
Brian Schaefer 2005, 2008, 2009
NAIA Bi-District Coach Of The Year
Name Year
Marty Petersen 1989
NAIA District 14 Coach Of The Year
Name Year
Marty Petersen 1988, 1989