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UWO Athletics - Name, Image and Likeness

Titan NIL
Beginning immediately, UWO student-athletes participating in intercollegiate athletics are permitted to receive compensation for the use of their name, image, and likeness (NIL) with certain limitations.

NOCAP Sports Logo

UWO will be partnering with NOCAP Sports to provide student-athletes with personalized platforms, financial training, and educational and engagement opportunities on what is allowed within the guidelines from the state, university, and NCAA. This innovative platform will help bridge the gap between athletes, agents, brands, and fans.

NOCAP Mission Statement - “NOCAP’s mission is to give every athlete regardless of school, sport, level or background, equal access to the best technology and resources to maximize their name, image and likeness.”


UWO Policy and Procedures
UWO Athletics has established policies and procedures for the review of NIL compensation. This policy is intended to promote compliance with applicable laws and policies, clarify student-athletes’ rights to receive compensation for the use of their name, image, and likeness, and preserve student-athletes’ eligibility.

This policy is not intended to prevent or discourage student-athletes from earning compensation for their name, image, and likeness.

  • NIL is NOT pay for play-Compensation for a student-athletes may not be determined on athletic performance
  • Student-athletes are prohibited from participating in NIL activities when engaged in official team activities (e.g., practice, competition, media obligations, team travel, promotional activities, travel, etc.).
  • Student-athletes may not miss class or other academic commitments for NIL activities.
  • Student-athletes should not engage in NIL activities that conflict with NCAA rules (e.g., sports wagering, tobacco, banned substances, alcohol, etc.).


Educational information for student-athletes (do’s and don’ts)
All UWO student-athletes are provided with the tools needed to build and enhance their personal brands, connect with the local UWO marketplace and continue to be educated on what is permissible by the state, UWO and NCAA rules and regulations with the help of NOCAP.
Required Student-Athlete Actions:

  • Disclose all deals on NOCAP or via online reporting form prior to NIL activity.
  • Complete ALL administrative items such as taxes & insurance.
  • Cannot use UWO branding/logo.
  • Deals with outside contractors cannot be performed on campus.
  • International students: confirm VISA & tax commitments.
UWO Restrictions
The UWO Athletic Department discourages student-athletes from participating in activities that do not align with UWO’s mission and core values, as well as NCAA bylaws. Examples include drug dispensaries, adult establishments, alcohol endorsements and/or sports wagering.

More specific information can be obtained from Abby Gildernick, UWO's Assistant Director of Athletics/Senior Woman Administrator.

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