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Professional Titans

The UW-Oshkosh baseball program has long been a producer of professional talent. In fact, 52 former UW-Oshkosh baseball stars have gone on to sign professional contracts, including 16 since 1995.

Major League Baseball began its draft of amateur players in 1956. Since then, 35 UW-Oshkosh baseball players have been selected, including six in the second round. In 1999, UW-Oshkosh became the first NCAA Division III school to have five players drafted from the same school in the same year.

Year Name Pos. Round Organization
2015 Luke Westphal P Free Agent Minnesota Twins
2007 Cal Stanke P 15th Los Angeles Dodgers
2005 Jeremy Jirschele 2B 30th Kansas City Royals
2005 Ned Yost 1B Free Agent Milwaukee Brewers
2004 Jordan Timm P 14th/417 Toronto Blue Jays
2004 Korey Feiner C Free Agent Minnesota Twins
1999 Jack Taschner P 2nd/75 San Francisco Giants
1999 Sean Parnell OF 16th Seattle Mariners
1999 Kevin Grater P 20th Milwaukee Brewers
1999 Casey Kopitzke C 27th Chicago Cubs
1999 Craig Glysch P 35th Anaheim Angels
1997 Andy Kimball P 5th Oakland Athletics
1995 Tom Petri P Free Agent Anaheim Angels
1995 Tim Jorgensen SS 8th Cleveland Indians
1995 Kevin Mlodik P 14th Oakland Athletics
1995 Jarrod Washburn P 2nd/31 Anaheim Angels
1993 Chad Kopitzke P 17th Milwaukee Brewers
1991 Jeff Bigler 1B Free Agent Philadelphia Phillies
1991 Don Garvey 2B 20th Pittsburgh Pirates
1991 Dean Haase C 32nd Chicago White Sox
1990 Kurt Peltzer P 11th San Francisco Giants
1990 Cory Schaefer OF 26th Pittsburgh Pirates
1990 Chris Delarwelle 3B Free Agent Minnesota Twins
1989 Bruce Schreiber SS Free Agent Pittsburgh Pirates
1987 Terry Jorgensen OF 2nd/29 Minnesota Twins
1987 Kevin Reichardt 2B 22nd Seattle Mariners
1987 Kevin Murdock C 32nd Chicago White Sox
1986 Rusty Kryzanowski 3B 9th Houston Astros
1985 Bob Stocker P 22nd Oakland Athletics
1984 Tom Jaremko OF Free Agent Minnesota Twins
1984 Ike Bradley C 5th* New York Yankees
1982 Gary Varsho 2B 5th Chicago Cubs
1981 Steve Erickson C Free Agent Toronto Blue Jays
1981 Lee Purchatzke P 17th San Diego Padres
1981 Jeff Carl SS 2nd/29 Montreal Expos
1981 Craig Henderson P 2nd/51 Minnesota Twins
1980 Ron Seymour P Free Agent Seattle Mariners
1979 Lee Wetenkamp 3B 20th Toronto Blue Jays
1976 Dorian Boyland OF 2nd/45 Pittsburgh Pirates
1976 Andy Pascarella 2B 6th Milwaukee Brewers
1974 Jim Gantner SS 12th Milwaukee Brewers
1972 John Stoffel P 14th Anaheim Angels
1972 Brian Felda OF 30th Los Angeles Dodgers
1971 Jack Friess OF 23rd Chicago White Sox
1970 Rich Schroeder 2B 23rd San Francisco Giants
1970 Dave Melum 1B Free Agent Chicago White Sox
1969 Larry Held OF Free Agent Chicago White Sox
1968 Dan Neumeier P 3rd* Chicago White Sox
1966 Jim Magnuson OF 3rd Chicago White Sox
1964 Gary Schlieve P Free Agent Philadelphia Phillies
1963 Jim DeWaal P Free Agent Minnesota Twins
1960 Wayne Kroll P Free Agent Cleveland Indians
  * - Selected In Secondary Phase