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Field, Joshua Rivers

Field, Joshua Rivers

Rhyme and University Books & More are pleased to announce that the Joshua Rivers of the men's track & field team has been named the UW-Oshkosh Male Student-Athlete of the Week for the period of May 20-26.

Rivers (Sr. • Chicago, Ill.) became the first Titan to win the long jump at the outdoor national championship and just the third to sweep the indoor and outdoor editions of any event in the same season when he set the program, Doug Shaw Memorial Stadium and NCAA Division III Outdoor Track & Field Championship meet records with a 7.95-meter mark. Matt Groose won both 800-meter runs in 2002 and Dave McLaren won both shot put titles in 1994. Rivers title-winning mark of 7.95 meters came in his third jump when he passed teammate Londyn Little (Jr. • Columbia, Ill.) for the top spot. He previously took seventh in the 2021 outdoor championship and his ten points helped the Titans finish as the national runners up with 48 points, the highest finish since they won the 2009 team title.

Each week throughout the 2023-24 academic year, one male and one female UW-Oshkosh student-athlete are recognized for their accomplishments from the previous week. The award winners will be announced on the UW-Oshkosh athletics website every Monday.

Week Men (Sport) Women (Sport)
Aug. 28-Sept. 3 Kobe Berghammer (Football)  Sami Perlberg (Volleyball)
Sept. 4-10 Joe Kehoe (Cross Country) Olivia Pethan (Tennis)
Sept. 11-17 Nolan Mobley (Football) Abby Fregien (Volleyball)
Sept. 18-24 Paul Proteau (Cross Country) Riley Kindt (Volleyball)
Sept. 25-Oct. 1 Paul Proteau (Cross Country) Sami Perlberg (Volleyball)
Oct. 2-8 Kobe Berghammer (Football) Ava Downie (Golf)
Oct. 9-15 Jacob Mandella (Football) Abbi Priestley (Diving)
Oct. 16-22 Kobe Berghammer (Football) Kalli Mau (Volleyball)
Oct. 23-29 Leo Ramirez-Gutierrez (Swimming) Sienna Della-Peruta (Swimming)
Oct. 30-Nov. 5 JoJo Mendoza (Wrestling) Sami Perlberg (Volleyball)
Nov. 6-12 Cameron Cullen (Cross Country) Abbi Priestley (Diving)
Nov. 13-19 Quinn Steckbauer (Basketball) Riley Kindt (Volleyball)
Nov. 20-26 Will Mahoney & Quinn Steckbauer (Basketball) No Women's Teams Competed
Nov. 27-Dec. 3 Damen Seremet (Swimming) Kayce Vaile (Basketball)
Dec. 4-10 Charlie Nolan (Field) Megan Hunt (Field)
Dec. 11-17 No Teams Competed
Dec. 18-24 Carter Thomas (Basketball) Kayce Vaile (Basketball) 
Dec. 25-31 Will Mahoney (Basketball) Bridget Froehlke (Basketball)
Jan. 1-7 Michael Metcalf-Grassman (Basketball) Mia Lucero (Gymnastics)
Jan. 8-14 Matt Hanke (Wrestling) Lydia Hayden (Gymnastics)
Jan. 15-21 Chase Millam (Swimming) Abbi Priestley (Diving)
Jan. 22-28 Caleb Cornelius (Field) Brenna Masloroff (Field)
Jan. 29-Feb. 4 Aden Sears (Track) Kennedy Osterman (Basketball)
Feb. 5-11 Michael Metcalf-Grassman (Basketball) Reanna McGibboney (Gymanstics)
Feb. 12-18 Isaiah Isom (Field) Kaylie Berens (Gymnastics)
Feb. 19-25 Caleb Cornelius (Field) Megan Hunt (Field)
Feb. 26-March 3 Guyon Cyprian Jr. (Wrestling) Sydney Nemetz (Softball)
March 4-10 Joshua Rivers (Field) Emily Buffington (Gymnastics)
March 11-17 Jake Surane (Baseball) Mia Crotty (Softball)
March 18-24 No Men's Teams Competed Emily Buffington & Mia Lucero (Gymnastics)
March 25-31 Jake Surane (Baseball) Sydney Nemetz (Softball)
April 1-7 Joshua Rivers (Field) Brianna Bougie (Softball)
April 8-14 Zach Taylor (Baseball) Haylie Wittman (Softball)
April 15-21 Gavin Fritsch (Field) Olivia Stenzel (Track)
April 22-28 Joshua Rivers (Field) Sophie Wery (Softball)
April 29-May 5 Londyn Little (Track) Amelia Lehman (Track)
May 6-12 Davian Willems (Track) Sophie Wery (Softball)
May 13-19 4x400-meter Relay (Track) Sydney Nemetz (Softball)
May 20-26 Joshua Rivers (Field) Brianna Bougie (Softball)

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