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Reserving An Appearance By Clash

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Who is Clash?

Clash, the official mascot of UW-Oshkosh athletics, is available to entertain fans of all ages. Clash’s appearances are on a first-come, first-served basis and completion of a request form does not guarantee a visit.

Clash loves to socialize, although he does not speak, and is always ready to have his picture taken with fans. He often attends a variety of events on the UW-Oshkosh campus and in the Oshkosh community.

How The Name Of Clash Was Selected

The UW-Oshkosh administration turned to its students, faculty and staff and the citizens of Oshkosh for recommendations on the new name for the mascot of the school’s athletic teams.

Through an online survey, the campus community submitted suggestions, which then were whittled down to the top four. Then, in order to engage the Oshkosh community, polls of the final four choices were conducted. Polls were placed on both the University and The Oshkosh Northwestern websites so that anyone could vote for a mascot name that would enhance UW-Oshkosh’s sub-branding efforts and regional partnerships. 

After the voting period ended, Clash proved to be the most popular choice. Clash was born and given the name by Chancellor Richard Wells at UW-Oshkosh’s homecoming football game against UW-Stevens Point on Oct. 17, 2009.

“Clash complements the experience at UW-Oshkosh sporting events through characterization and energetic performances”, said UW-Oshkosh sports information director Kennan Timm. "Mascots like Clash draw attention to the brand they represent. In this case, the brand is UW-Oshkosh and the 21 teams affiliated with the school’s athletic department. Our goal is to have Clash create attention, boost team and community spirit and build a lasting connection between UW-Oshkosh and children, our future Titans."

With the name in place, Clash has now cemented itself as the face of UW-Oshkosh athletics.

Keep up with Clash and the Titans by following him on twitter (@ClashTheTitan).

Requesting An Appearance By Clash

Clash is very busy and requests must be made at least two weeks prior to the event. Keep in mind that Clash may not be available during academic breaks, exam week, or on days that there is a game (especially football and basketball). 

Clash can be reserved by submitting the request form at the top of this page. A representative from the UW-Oshkosh Athletic Department will contact you in regard to your request and Clash’s availability for your event.

Approval of Clash’s request will be based on the event’s compliance with the appearance guidelines (listed below) and mascot availability, with priority given to UW-Oshkosh athletic events. Fees and payment will be discussed once Clash is secured for your event. 

If your event is cancelled, Leanne Monroe (920) 424-1034 of the UW-Oshkosh Athletic Department must be notified 48 hours prior to the date of the event. If this is not done, a $25 cancellation fee will be applied. UW-Oshkosh may refuse a request if it is decided that the event or location is not suitable for Clash.

Guidelines & Safety 

Clash may participate in the following activities:

• Greet guests

• Pose for photos

• Sign autographs

• Other activities at the discretion of Clash so long as neither the safety nor the cleanliness of the costume is compromised.

The following convenience must be provided:

• A parking place close to the event or a ride to the event (if needed).

• A dedicated helper to serve as a liaison between the mascot and the requestor’s organization and to accompany Clash for the duration of the appearance.

• A private changing area (public restrooms do not constitute a private changing area).

• Drinking water.

• A 15-minute break every 45 minutes in a climate controlled area; Clash may not be in the costume for more than 45 consecutive minutes at any point during the appearance.

• Accurate directions, location, on site contact and on site phone number must be provided.

• Safety of our mascot is of utmost importance. The mascot may be excused from any event if the safety of Clash is compromised. The mascot may also be excused for inclement weather (rain, hail, snow).


• Three-hour time limit.

• Clash costume will not be rented or loaned.

• Clash is not allowed at events with alcohol.

Publicity/Marketing Restrictions

Clash will not appear at any events that may reasonably be construed as advancing a political agenda or the commercial interest of a business entity that is a competitor of UW-Oshkosh’s sponsor and partners. All publicity for the event (photos, video, etc.), whether in advance, during or afterwards which mentions an appearance by Clash or uses university marks (logos), must be approved by the UW-Oshkosh Athletic Department before use. For approval, please contact Liz Smith at (920) 424-3233 or (920) 424-0828.

Clash's Fee Structure

UW-Oshkosh division/department appearance: $25 per hour

All other appearances: $50 per hour 

If UW-Oshkosh transports Clash, a mileage rate of $.535 per mile will be charged for all appearances over 10 miles from campus.

Any event running over 15 minutes in length will be charged an additional hour.

An invoice will be sent from the UW-Oshkosh Athletic Department.

All payments must be made by check or university division/department transfer. Checks should be payable to UW-Oshkosh Athletics following Clash's appearance. A TTR will be processed to all university divisions/departments and distributed within 30 days.

Click here to reserve Clash